Bob Fields Aerocessories was recently acquired by TALCO Aviation. Product availability and order taking will begin in early 2020

Bob Fields Inflatable Door Seals

The only inflatable door seal available to the General Aviation market. Reduce cabin noise, cold air drafts and water intrusion while providing the best environment for you, your family, friends and pets.

Seals Starting At $630

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Fly In Comfort

Pet Friendly


I have the Bob Fields new non-AD 28v pump in my A36 for years now. Works great, really makes a difference in the wind noise.

I have the Bob Fields inflatable door seals on my 55 and it seals the cabin door up tight without a whisper of noise.

I was told by another Comanche owner on this forum to take my time and I won’t be disappointed - he was 100% correct!

Custom Door Seals

Custom door seals for experimental aircraft are available upon request. Please send an email to our Support Team for more information.

Economy Manual In-flight Demo